Written from: June 20, 2023 To: June 27, 2023

Building A Webserver in OpenBSD From Scratch


I've decided that - now that I understand both UNIX-like systems and the web better - it is time to migrate my old web servers from their scrappy origins to their own servers. I'm going to host multiple on the same server, mainly because they will be using related stacks, and also because it helps save money (storage is expensive when using a VPS) The setup steps are documented as follows:

What software are we using? What's the stack?

The hardware is going to be a VPS. Just to start off I've used the cheapest server vultr offered that still had an IPV4 address. We can expand the size of the drives later.



And that's the whole stack. Also good to remember is that you are going to need tools to let you configure your website, such as vi (or your preferred editor), your preferred shell if you can't stand ksh, etc. I can't stand using bare vi, I always install vim, and I have no problems with ksh, but I created a custom config with a nicer prompt. Anywho, this is all beside the point. Let's create a website.
How to set up:
  1. Basic server environment
  2. Web Server (and Reverse Proxy)
  3. Mail Server
If you've done this before, take a look at the speedrunning guide to get you up and running as quick as possible, with minimal explanations.